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Naga Masala - Hottest Curry Ever

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Naga Masala - Hottest Curry Ever

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For those who enjoy pain through their food (submitted on Apr 12, 2014):
I did this for one of the dishes at a party last Christmas - cooked for a looooong time (4 hours, using shin of beef). Didn't do much because I knew most people wouldn't want something labelled "For those who enjoy pain...." Sod's law everyone has to have a go and then most of them were dancing round saying:" It's too hot. Oh, it's too hot" but strangely they all ate it and they all said it was great flavour. And it was! Buy a whole piece of shin from your butcher and cut it up yourself. As often as not the so-called shin in the tray has been mixed with stewing steak. Not the same at all.
(Review by Roger Lombard)

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    Bought a Phall Curry Kit last week and made two curries so far. If you’re a lazy cook (like me) and intend using tinned chopped tomato rather than fresh, my tip is to halve the tomato puree and leave the tomato ketchup out of the recipe. The tin of tomato is sweet enough and I found my first attempt ie I followed the recipe exactly so a tin of tomato, tomato puree and tomato ketchup was used. To me it was too rich in flavour; don’t get me wrong it was still hot but something was missing. My second attempt however was much better. I halved to tomato puree and didn’t bother with the ketchup. Let’s just say ‘it had a mind blowing effect.’ Very, very spicy but also extremely flavoursome. I can’t wait for my Naga Chilli Curry Kit to arrive this week. (Review by Phil Tompkins)
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    I ordered this just because it sounded different, I was absolutely blown away by it. Flavours were so good. I'll order again!!!! (Review by Claire)